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The best way to use the form below to search for a chapter is by selecting an Area and leaving the other search fields blank.  You may apply to a chapter in any area (even if it's outside the area you're in).  The reason to search one area at a time is that it narrows the list without missing chapters (if you search by city, you may limit your search unintentionally).

Once you have an Area showing, click on each chapter; then "Show Members" and scan the list of professions to see if yours is represented.

If you would like to visit, call a chapter leadership member, or any member, to be his/her guest; you may attend without applying to two chapters.

If you are in a profession that is well-represented and seems to have few or no openings; this is very valuable information.  It means that your profession is probably more successful than others in BNI, and therefore, the positions are sought-after.

If after searching for an opening, you haven't found one, check out the button at the bottom of this page "A great new chapter ..."

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