Applications & Payments

New Member Application
          To apply for membership in BNI, please click here:


          This would include anyone who is not a current member and any member applying to a different chapter than they currently belong to.

          A payment link is at the bottom of the Application Link page.  Payment verification is required with a new member application.




Renewing Members

          If you are a current member and planning to apply for renewal to your current chapter, click here:


          We are now using online applications and payments.

          An approval email will be forwarded from the system as the Membership Committee approves your renewal application.  It is important to use this email to securely forward your payment information.

          Any questions?  Call us at 877 264-0500.




I'm not sure ...

          If you are having difficulty paying in the BNI Connect System, before you continue, please call the office at 877 264-0500!   Thanks!








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