Applications are now online!

To apply for membership:

Select the button for existing chapters or forming chapters.  Select the chapter you want to apply to from the list:



Each chapter will have an "Apply Now  -->" link.  Once chosen, the "Apply Now  -->" link will request your email address and then send you an application link.

Your online application will be reviewed by the membership committee.  The membership committee will evaluate your fit with the chapter and accept or decline the application.  Upon acceptance, the system will send a payment link to the incoming member.


If you are not sure of the name of the chapter you want to apply to, you can ...

... search for the name of the member you know by clicking on the "MEMBERS"  link above.  You can then connect their name to the chapter and find that chapter.

... or call the BNI Office at 877 264-0500.  We'll help you.



Here is a list of professions, in case you don't see yours where you expect.

Save the file, then fill out with your information and save again.  Complete every field, each field is needed, including the chapter.

Use the list below to describe your Professional Classification:


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