New Member Applications

In order to apply for membership, please download this fillable .pdf new member application to your desktop:




Save the file, then fill out with your information and save again.  Complete every field, each field is needed, including the chapter.

Use the list below to describe your Professional Classification:


Then forward the application and your payment receipt electronically to the Vice President or a Membership Committee member of the chapter you are applying to.

You can find the Vice President's phone or message link on the chapter list.  For a list of chapters, click here:


You will have to get the email address directly from the Vice President or membership committee member, privacy concerns prevent us from publishing email addresses directly.

Payment is due with your application.  Payment will be returned if your application is not accepted by the chapter.  Click the payment button below.


The membership committee will contact you within one week to discuss the status of your application.

If you need help, call the BNI Office at 877 264-0500.
If you are transferring from another BNI chapter or region or applying to replace a member or returning to use a time credit - Please call the office at the number above - it will make the process easier!

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